Toxic-Free Relationship Club Membership

Are you ready to finally be free from the Narcissist and take the next step to get far from your toxic relationship?

Breaking away from a toxic relationship with a narcissist can be a difficult and painful process, but it is essential for your own mental and emotional well-being. 

It might feel like one of the hardest things you will ever do.

You will grieve. But eventually you will be so happy when you are finally free.

You deserve to be treated with love, respect, and kindness, and it's time to take the next step towards freedom. It's time to let go of the fear, the guilt, and the self-doubt that may be holding you back and embrace the possibility of a brighter future.

You have the strength and the courage to break away and start anew, and there is a whole world of possibilities waiting for you on the other side. So take the first step towards freedom and believe in yourself. You deserve it.

When you say YES to joining the Toxic-Free Relationship Club, you receive:

Guidance from an expert: Receive the latest information, strategies, and support to help you navigate your way out of the toxic relationship from Dr. Kerry McAvoy, an expert in narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships.

Community support: Become a member of an exclusive online community of survivors who understand what you're going through. Find the kind of emotional support, validation, and encouragement as you need as you work towards healing. 

 Validation: Narcissistic abuse can be very confusing and hard to explain to others who haven't experienced it themselves. Experience the powerful validation of what you've gone through. 

Empowerment: Become better equipped to recognize and respond to toxic behaviors in the future. 

Accessible: Have access to this community from anywhere at any time. 

Comprehensive: Learn from the growing library of resources how to identify red flags, understand the dynamics of gaslighting, and rebuild your self-esteem.


By becoming an Academy member, you will have access to the following benefits:

● Direct communication with Dr. McAvoy

● Access to past webinars with the top experts

● Weekly advice via email to aid in your healing process

● 24/7 support from other survivors

● A free copy of Dr. McAvoy's memoir, Love You More 

Additionally, you will enjoy the following exclusive perks:

1. Weekly group video office hours with Dr. McAvoy

2. Immediate access to the online course and workbook, First Step to Leaving a Narcissist

3. Complimentary invitations to upcoming webinars with leading experts in the field of narcissistic abuse.

4. Guided meditation and breathwork, streamed live and recorded

5. Ongoing training and classes covering a range of topics, including understanding the narcissistic abuse cycle, strategic and safe breakup strategies with toxic partners, and managing disruptive triggers.

Get direct access to a trained clinician for less than the cost of one coaching call a month!

Regularly priced at $99/month. 

Special introductory price of $74.25 with the coupon code "NEWSPECIAL1" and save 25% off of the first month's fees!


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